Academy Student Interview - Amy Dunn

Needham Market Academy Student Interview - Amy Dunn

Sum up your time at Needham Market Academy

My time at Needham Market Academy was fun, educational and confidence boosting. I was able to build friendships, learn new skills and meet professionals within my chosen career path. To have finished the level 3 Extended Diploma with a D*D*D* grade and be ready to pursue my career I cannot have asked for more from the last 2 years.

What skills have you developed during the two-year level 3 Extended Diploma?

I have developed confidence, time management, perseverance and good communication skills. During work experience and shadowing the Academies medical team I have learnt how to deal with clients alongside the emotional side and mindset of athletes.

Would you recommend this course to others and why?

I would 100% recommend the course to others as it combines a good education setting alongside playing football at outstanding facilities. Other courses I looked at prior to joining Needham Market Academy seemed to be fully centered around the education and this course has allowed me to play the sport I love while still getting a very good education.

What are your plans moving forward?

My plans moving forward are that in September I will move to Norwich and study a degree in Physiotherapy for 3 years at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Working within sport or NHS?

My dream would be to work on a stroke ward. This is an ambition of mine due to a close family connection with strokes and having seen the amazing work the physiotherapy team do with their patients. Having a career in sport would never be out of the picture and I will be open to many options through my career.

What advice would you give to future students looking at Physiotherapy as a career?

My advice would be is to keep your options open due to the complex nature of physiotherapy. I have not only become educated on the physical aspect of the career but also the mental support needed to emotionally support patients. During my time at Needham I was able to work alongside the medical team to get hands on experience which has only increased my determination to excel in this career path. Additionally, I was able to complete a case study and gain feedback from the medical team which has benefited me.

Will you continue your football career?

As I am living away for university, I am gutted not to be able to play another season with Needham Market Ladies. My plan is to join a team at UEA and continuing playing while supporting the ladies as much as I can when I visit home.

Favourite football moment?

My favourite football moment had to be walking out and representing Needham Market FC playing in the Suffolk County Cup final against Ipswich Ladies at Portman Road. To walk out and play in front of a large crowd was amazing and something I am extremely proud of. I was also lucky enough to play in the League Cup final against East Bergholt in our first season as a team. Another treasured moment was being able to line-up alongside Abbie (also Academy student) for Needham Market Women’s first team who has been with me every step of the journey.

Any last comments?

I would just like to thank all the staff at Needham Market Academy. From the education team of Sam Leslie, Matt Cook and Robert Peace to the coaches and medical staff I would not be in the position I am today without the support from everyone at the club. You have provided me with the platform to perform and pursue my career and will certainly miss my time at the Academy.